Sneakers - Hoodboyz/Adidas*   |   Top - Zara   |   Shorts - Zara

Just received these insanely awesome Adidas sneakers in the mail from Hoodboyz. They're really such a unique piece thanks to the amazing coloring. And ridiculously comfy.



Model: Mirka Könnö / Modelpoint
Photography: Sara Lehtomaa




Me:   Top - Zara   |   Black Skinny Jeans - BikBok

Mikko:   Blazer - Paulo Succar   |   Shirt - Like Life   |   Trousers - Zara   |   Shoes - Zara

I remember this day being awesome, even though it is somewhat distant now. And I honestly have no idea whatsoever why I haven't posted these before! Loving the blue vibe going on here, hehe. But I guess the oldness of these isn't that relevant. I'm in really high spirits at the moment. I just found out I made it to one of the schools that I had applied for in the spring. Hurray for that! I'm going to be studying the English language for the coming years and feel really relieved I won't have to work for a while (or hang around clueless about my future for that matter). I'm of course going to hold on to my dear hobby photography and keep on doing it as much as I can.

After six days in a row of hustling at work I'm now having three days off and man do I feel good. I'm just in an hour or so going to head out with Jade to shoot a little somethingsomething. And after that I will be spending a couple of days with my soul mate (and hopefully get a neck rub because I am stiff as a board and feel like my neck will explode any minute). My excitement for future plans (photography related mainly) is slowly turning into frustration because of my impatience. I want to share all of it with you guys NOW in stead of just babbling about it!!! Which I realize is ridiculous... Oh, and sorry for a discontinuous text (I just read the whole thing through and realized that as well).



Booties - OASAP *   |   Kimono - H&M   |   Crop Top - NewYorker   |   Pants - BikBok   |   Belt - Trifted   |   Backpack - Trifted

Rakastan todella näitä OASAP:in minulle lahjoittamia kenkiä, mutta valitettavasti ne ovat jaloilleni hieman liian kapeat. Myyn ne siis seuraavan kerran kun vien kirpparille tavaroitani (mikä tapahtuu toivon mukaan tässä kesän aikana mikäli ehdin). Joten pysykäähän kuulolla kaikki kapeajalkaiset (ja kenkäkoon 38 omaavat) ihmiset!



Summer is a wonderful thing. So is this gal. Sorry for keeping quiet for so long. I've had a lot on my mind and work hasn't helped at all with its exhausting effect. Each day off feels like a blessing and I've been trying my best not to waste one moment. And by that I mean laying in the sun listening to podcasts and editing photos / planning photo shoots. I'm looking forward to so many things at the moment. Including coming photo shoots and getting to enjoy the Finnish summer now that it's finally here. I actually don't have too much to say so I guess I'll just keep it short! But as to what's coming up in the near future, I have a photo series that I shot with one of my favorite models Mirka, which I'm really excited about. However I can't share it with you until August since it will be featured in a magazine around that time. Also I have a lot of outfit posts to share with you guys. Oh dear, I really can't believe it's already July.



Shirt - OASAP *   |   Shorts - Beyond Retro * (vintage)   |   Hat - Trifted   |   Belt - Trifted   |   Shoes - DinSko   |   Bag - Zara

My favorite clothing store of all time would have to Beyond Retro. They have such a massive collection of vintage clothing that I almost feel like my brain can't handle it every time I enter their store. I've only visited them in Stockholm but I believe they were originally founded in the UK. I really love the fact that someone else has done the digging for you and you don't have to go through all the trouble of rummaging through hundreds of pieces in order to find something nice, like on flea markets. Nope, it's all there laid out for you. The best of vintage. The prices are decent but not something to brag about, taking to account everything that they're selling is used. But then again a lot of stuff was very well made back in the old days, if you compare to the quality of the clothing you will get from most stores today. So I don't mind paying a little extra for that. They also sell stuff online but in my opinion, in order to get the full experience so to speak, you should head to one of their stores. The atmosphere is just beyond awesome (see what I did there). And of course vintage clothing may often be a little tricky size wise if you're doing your shopping online. Bottom line, go to one of their stores. You will not regret it.



Dress - CHOIES *   |   Sweater - Zara   |   Floral Crown - DIY



Alone I Drift Away for Institute Magazine.

Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Thelma Romu
Assistant: Noora Karlsson
Styling: Sara Lehtomaa

I've been waiting for the publishing of these photos for quite some time now. Really excited to finally be able to share them with you guys! We shot these on my last trip to Helsinki together with lovely fashion blogger Thelma. At the time, I remember being very doubtful as to whether I would get any good shots because we were running a little late and the sun was setting at a rapid pace. But turns out these were even good enough for Institute Magazine (which I've desperately been trying time after time to get published in)! So I guess you could say this is a dream come true to me. Achievement unlocked. This link will redirect you to the publication on Institute Magazine, where you'll be able to view the images in bigger size. Due to the fitting timing of this, I in a way consider it a birthday present to myself since it's actually my birthday today, hehe. 

Accomplishing something that I myself am pleased with and getting recognition from others is a very rewarding feeling. It's a massive resource that pushes me forward. At times though, there is a faint voice in my head questioning everything I do, wondering "What good do my photographs do to this world?", "Why am I doing this?". But then I remember that doing what you love and dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to it is a beautiful thing. In its plainness. It is choosing love over fear. And I believe that is what makes a good person. Of course I still have a long road to go before I can actually say I'm living off of it. And there most certainly are moments when fear takes over, paralyzing me. But it is my intention and I'm confident I will find a way.



Model: Meri Niemi / FashionTeam
Photography & Styling: Sara Lehtomaa

Finally got around editing these photos I took of Meri a couple of months ago. The main reason for this photo shoot was actually a collaboration I did with Adobe. I was contacted by Adobe for the first time in April. They had seen my work on Behance and were asking whether I wanted to be featured on the splash screen of one of their products called SpeedGrade CC. Obviously I complied. So if you are using that software you may run into this photo by moi! Not long after that I was contacted again concerning a project for the upcoming release of Creative Cloud. It was a mosaic type of collaboration they were doing together with 48 different artists and I was one of the "chosen ones". This is how Adobe describes the project: "For the 2014 release of Creative Cloud, Adobe is celebrating creativity by bringing together amazing artists from around the world to remix the Creative Cloud logo into a collaborative mosaic. Each artist gets one tile. The finished piece will be an expression of the endless possibilities of Creative Cloud"Here you can view what they've revealed so far of the mosaic (they're daily updating it, adding one piece at a time). The finished piece will also be revealed at the launching party of Creative Cloud on June 18th. Sadly I won't be able to attend the event since it's held all the way in New York. But nonetheless I'm super excited and very proud of being part of all of this! This is the stuff that keeps me going. Feeling really blessed right now. Finally I want to thank Meri for modeling and doing a great job as always!



Just thought I should add this photo Adobe sent me this morning, instead of making a completely new post. The photo is taken of the process of installing the 15 by 30 foot wall at Lincoln Center in New York. Looks absolutely amazing. Really sorry to miss out on seeing it live!



These black&white's are from a graduation party I was shooting in the beginning of June. 


There are many different ways of being religious. But before discussing about it we have to define religion. Dictionary.com explains it as being "1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs"So viewed as a very broad concept, it can basically be anything that a person chooses to believe about this world. It is what motivates and drives into action. However, for the sake of simplicity, here I want to limit it to the major religious groups, like for instance Christianity, and inside those religions different ways of putting into practice (not only manifesting as different sects but even inside those groups as different manners of practicing). Because we are all different there are naturally different ways of executing an idea. For some religion may be a salvation from a wretched past, a spark of light illuminating the darkness. It's comforting and may restore happiness by bringing peace of mind. Then there are cases where religion becomes destructive when it is misused in a corrupt way, driven by selfish motives. It can be forced upon someone or chosen freely by someone. To conclude, it can have both positive and negative aspects to it, like everything in life.

The reason I'm speaking of this is because a few weeks back, I got to witness what it is like to be part of a community like that, brought together by common belief. I saw that people were happy and open to each other. And I can definitely see that a big community like that is appealing to many people. It is to myself as well and I felt very comfortable there (after all we are pack animals, very sophisticated social beings equipped with a complex structure of emotions). They were kind not because they had some hidden agenda but because it's the right thing to do! Quite honestly that's sadly not a standard for all of us. Yes, even as we may think differently about many things we have for sure one thing in common. We value kindness. And it's really truly amazing how these people welcomed me, a total stranger. It's like they live in this happy little bubble. But of course, that is only the impression that I got from my experience. I've always thought that everyone should be allowed to believe in whatever they please as long as their way of living does not hurt others. 

But there's also the fact that if everyone lived according to that sacred old book the scientific world as we know it today would most probably not exist and thus technology wouldn't be as advanced as it is today and perhaps in the long run humankind would've evolved in some other direction. That's another concerning quality about religion, it may act as a brake for our evolution as a species. (And yes I do know of religious people who do science, like creationist Ken Ham. But I think approaching any subject with a viewpoint that the Earth is only 6000 years old might get you some distorted results. Speaking of Ham check out this epic debate between him and scientist and engineer Bill Nye.) We definitely need those people who question things and are hungry to seek the truth without settling with an idea that is simply just comforting. That's what I call being brave. In the end I believe there's just us human beings and our own individual realities constructed in our stream of consciousness. Or that's what makes the most sense to me anyway. But then again that is just my perception and I can't know for sure. Living in a sort of mystery may be very distressing for many people and I understand that. But I choose to embrace that and I'm glad so many others do it as well. The possibilities are endless and that's what makes life exciting. Kindness, open-mindedness and curiosity. Trying to understand without judging. Being compassionate. That's what I value.


"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."

- Dalai Lama